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ved 150x150 Listen to 19 PURAN onlineLISTEN TO 19 VED PURAN ONLINE NOW

> Now you can listen online in .mp3 format all 19 purans.

> option available for only Internet Explorer Users.

> If you are using Mozilla Firefoz, Google Chrome, Avant, Opera, Safari, sea monkey or any other browser, it is likely that you face some problems.

> There is no option to download them.

Trick:- If you are using IDM (Internet Download Manager) you might be able to download all .mp3 files.

List of Puran’s available in .mp3 format :-

  1.  Agni Puran.
  2. Bhagvat Puran.
  3. Bhavishya Puran.
  4. Brahma Puran.
  5. Brahmand Puran.
  6. Garuda Puran.
  7. Kurma Puran.
  8. Ling Puran.
  9. Markandya Puran.
  10. Matsya Puran.
  11. Narad Puran.
  12. Narsimha Puran.
  13. Padma Puran.
  14. Shiv Puran.
  15. Skand Puran.
  16. Vaivatra Puran.
  17. Vaman Puran.
  18. Varah Puran.
  19. Vishnu Puran.




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